Various - hit mania dance estate 2000

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Some works (. by George Gershwin , Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim ) have been made into both "musical theatre" and "operatic" productions. [9] [10] Similarly, some older operettas or light operas (such as The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan ) have been produced in modern adaptations that treat them as musicals. For some works, production styles are almost as important as the work's musical or dramatic content in defining into which art form the piece falls. [11] Sondheim said, "I really think that when something plays Broadway it's a musical, and when it plays in an opera house it's opera. That's it. It's the terrain, the countryside, the expectations of the audience that make it one thing or another." [12] Although this article primarily concerns musical theatre works that are "non-operatic", there remains an overlap in form between lighter operatic forms and more musically complex or ambitious musicals. In practice, it is often difficult to distinguish among the various kinds of musical theatre, including "musical play", "musical comedy", "operetta" and "light opera". [13]

Various - Hit Mania Dance Estate 2000Various - Hit Mania Dance Estate 2000Various - Hit Mania Dance Estate 2000Various - Hit Mania Dance Estate 2000