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Bass Communion -- "II/III" -- 2 CD -- €15
2008 Beta-lactam Ring Records, mt182, (ltd. 1200)
First edition of 1200 copies packaged in a full color Japanese style gatefold case. Starship trooper, go sailing on by...cuz Bass Communion will squelch you into a throbbing mass of well-armed gristle . “II” and “III” were conceived as separate and autonomous satellites of BC’s galactic empire, but rather reeking of Castor & Pollux, they have been umbilicalled together. “II’s” earliest days go back to the mid to late 90’s, from which it enjoyed a couple of releases through small labels. “II” steps through the door hissing with deep space halitosis. Quietly eclipsed by slow, subtly melodic breaths of solar wind, “II” finds its ellipses crossing long, glowering belts of ambience and majestic rings of thick, bass-heavy electro-pulses. Miniature terrestrials appear as stringed acoustics and other Earth-bound instrumentation peeks up through the crackling electronic mists. Hardly a truer music of the spheres, but then there is still the brother to contend with. “III” began its days at the same time as its kin, originally as leftover pieces, tv music, and failed experiments recorded between 1995-99 from the first 2 BC albums and then briefly released as a made-to-order CDR. “III’s” lustmord for global communication moans out in a series of lonely alien drones. As its orb’s orbitals draw circles near the light-hemorrhaged Cygnus X-1, devastating dub destruction launches this little craft well beyond the infinite, clothed in the flesh of gods. Don’t worry the good ship lands safely, but is, much like the listener, forever altered. [press-release]
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Aderlating -- "Hell Follows" -- CD -- €10
2015 Black Plagve, Infect16
The 5th full length CD for Aderlating finds the duo of Eric Eijspaart and Maurice De Jong returning to Black Plagve for the first time since 2013’s Gospel of the Burning Idols. Hell Follows takes a somewhat altered approach as it moves away from the ritualistic horror and smothering claustrophobia of past releases, and into a more spacious realm, with more distinguished sounds and clearer instrumentation. That’s not to say that Hell Follows isn’t steeped in atmosphere and dark energy. The 9 tracks are unpredictable, wildly hallucinatory and beguiling… odes to nightmares and flickering visions of torment and anguish, an alchemy of blackened kosmiche keyboard textures, raspy, foreboding voices, and passages of corrosive rumblings, hellish drift, and sinister percussive clangor. Mories has stated that Hell Follows was recorded live in the studio with less computer processing, and it shows in the amorphous quality of the tracks; a Coil like sense of psychedelia and surreal wooziness to some, a hopelessly dark and apocalyptic feel to others that adhere more to the traditional Aderlating template. Collectively, it’s a wild and mercurial sonic journey that resides on the peripheral of anything Mories and Eric have done to date, and yet at the same time, makes perfect sense within their discography. [press-release]
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