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In an attempt to turn the tide of a war in Russia, Vigo unleashed an Underworld Horde , including Death . However, the horde was defeated by The Undying Soldier . John Horace Tobin later noted Vigo's existence was accounted for in the works of renowned historian Leon Zundinger.

You find lost things in unexpected places all the time. But sometimes those things are way more impressive than you bargained for.

Ivan Reitman's directorial crowning achievement is beautifully shot, New York Public Library scaffolding notwithstanding. Characters, relationships and conflict ring true. Every scene serves a purpose, and nothing feels like filler. Reitman culled career-making performances from a cast teeming with talent.

She helped Doc Greene create and demonstrate a repulsor badge for Cody. Rescue Boy With the help of Cody, Frankie and her father found a time machine and managed to get it working. Unfortunately during the test, she, Cody and the Rescue Bots were pulled back in time to 1939 where they encountered Doctor Morocco and Elma Hendrickson. The two kids escaped Morocco's clutches and Frankie set about tracking down Dither , who was the key to getting them home. After finding him in a junk yard, the pair mounted a rescue mission for the Rescue Bots, during which Frankie discovered the truth about them. With the help of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee , the group escaped back to present day, only to find Doctor Morocco was in charge. It's a Bot Time In the strange altered present, the two kids employed some detective work to find out they'd accidentally changed history by leaving Dither in the past. After an encounter with an alternate version of Cody's family, Frankie, Cody and the Bots returned to 1939 to retrieve Dither, and returned to a restored present day. Bot to the Future

 · Adaptational Attractiveness: Peter Venkman is made slimmer, far younger looking and with slicked hair compared to Bill Murray's portrayal of the character.

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It speaks to its entire audience, without ever seeming to joke over children's heads in a snide or overly knowing manner.

The next day,  Walter Peck  accompanied with an officer and laborer, obtains an court order to shut the containment grid down, and unable to stop him, the team flees the firehouse as the grid collapses and hundreds of freed ghosts flood the city. The explosion of supernatural energy causes  Zuul  to awake in her bed and allows  Vinz Clortho  to escape and make his way back to 55 Central Park West where they unite inside Dana's apartment with a passionate kiss. Peck orders the Ghostbusters arrested while the ghosts create panic across the city. While waiting in jail, the team recognizes that Dana's apartment building was a huge super-conductive antenna, designed and built expressly for the purpose of pulling in and concentrating spiritual turbulence. The mayor ( David Margulies ) orders the release of the Ghostbusters from jail. He has a conversation with the Ghostbusters about the events while Peck tries to counter-attack their story. In the end of the discussion, Peter wins over the mayor's judgment allowing them to get to work to prevent the potential catastrophe overriding Peck's demands.

Venkman - Hold UpVenkman - Hold UpVenkman - Hold UpVenkman - Hold Up