Blinky - i wouldn't change the man he is

Meanwhile, this is the AND!XOR's team's second year building a badge, and like last year, they went with the owner of everyone's favorite shiny metal ass, Bender. But this time crossed with Hunter S. Thompson. The response they got last year to the Futurama character caught the team a bit off-guard. They tweeted the location of their sale on Twitter , and all hell broke loose. "Thirty seconds later we hear screams and all six elevators open up at the same time and people just start flooding in." Zapp of team AND!XOR said. There were 300 people and only 70 badges available.

Now until this point, I had basically ignored the fact that the Soarer has a reasonably advanced OBD program (on board diagnostics). And this was a big mistake. In my defence, it wasn't all my fault. I had blown up my EMV a year or so back, and my blinky dash was barely ever functional, so there weren't actually a whole lot of ways to read the output from the OBD.

This fella is Ussain (nut and) Bolt, so called ‘cos he can do the 100m in under 10 seconds. Human Ussain actually pinched his trademark celebration from this ‘bot after seeing him at the RoboOlympics in Clytheroe in 1996. Standing 23 inches tall he too is a music playing party ‘bot, playing any music device out through the speakers in his feet. His favourite food is Fray Bentos pies and he loves nothing better than watching a good Columbo on a Sunday.

This is what it was all about guys, we raised $320 from the entries and $437 from the raffles that the sponsors sent in for a total of $757 benefiting the Champaign County Caring Kitchen. Thank you to all the Sponsors, AKA, Hitec, Venom, Hobbico, Duratrax, Boca Bearings, Atomic, J Concepts and AE Also a special thanks to Curt Schlichter and The Ohio R/C Factory for hosting it this year. Hope to see you all at the next Charity Race benefiting the St. Joseph Orphanage on the 20th of December.

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Blinky - I Wouldn't Change The Man He IsBlinky - I Wouldn't Change The Man He IsBlinky - I Wouldn't Change The Man He IsBlinky - I Wouldn't Change The Man He Is